Is Russia Building an Army of Robots?

Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu made a significant announcement in mid-March 2018 at a domestic technology forum. “The serial production of combat robots for the Russian armed forces may start already this year,” he stated.

Shoigu also implied, in response a question about whether remote-controlled unmanned systems would be utilized in the future, that the concept of a combat unmanned system remotely operated by a human has already been implemented in the Russian armed forces.

The Nuclear-War Tank Came at Exactly the Wrong Time

In a war that never happened, formations of heavy and rather odd-looking Soviet tanks would have powered through atomic explosions in breakthrough attacks into West Germany.

Enter the Object 279 tank, a curious oddity from the late 1950s which was obsolete — despite its design principles deliberately reflecting the fear of a nuclear battlefield — by the time it was produced.

It was certainly not a success, as the Soviet Union only manufactured a handful of prototypes.

Truman and Eisenhower: The Real Reason the North Korea Problem Still Exists?

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and South Korean president Moon Jae-in have agreed to a historic summit with each other in Panmunjom in April, and President Donald Trump has agreed to meet with Kim in May. These talks have enormous war-and-peace ramifications for millions, and it is impossible to know how they will work out. The conditions behind the talks, however, couldn’t be more different than the first time the three nations sat down in 1951 with enormous war-and-peace ramifications at stake.