The F-22 Is Getting Ready for a ‘Dogfight’

Although modern weapons such as long-range air-to-air missiles, and the lack of near-peer warfare in recent years, means dogfighting itself is less likely these days—as the service prepares for future contingencies against technologically advanced adversaries, maintaining a need to dogfight is of great significance. For instance, the emerging Chinese J-10 and Russian 5th Gen PAK-50 clearly underscore the importance of this.

In the Iran-Iraq War, F-5s and MiG-21s Fought to a Standstill

There have been countless discussions over which is the better fighter jet— the U.S.-made Northrop F-5E Tiger II or the Soviet MiG-21 Fishbed.

That can be a hard argument to settle. The Iran-Iraq war was probably a draw for the two types.

More than 15,000 of these two cheap, lightweight, simple-to-maintain and -operate fighters were produced and, over the time, they’ve served in more than 60 different air forces — some of which operated both of them.

China Is Threatening to Fly Its J-20 Stealth Fighter over Taiwan

Beijing has again warned that it could send its J-20 stealth fighters for patrols close to, or above, the self-ruling island of Taiwan, and there is little Taipei could do about it.

The message was delivered this weekend by a military scholar with the China National Defense University during a China Central Television program about Taiwan.