Sarah Palin, Powerbroker

"Keeping fingers crossed, powder dry, prayers upward." You bet she is. Sarah Palin has a lot riding on the Senatorial primary in Alaska, where her little protege Joe Miller, a nonentity until she endorsed him (and the Tea Party poured in big bucks), may defeat Lisa Murkowski in what would be a big upset. It's could be an epic saga. The House of Palin versus the House of Murkowski. 

Triangulating Today's News

Afghanistan continues to dominate today’s foreign affairs and national security news. Fortunately, there is a unique concatenation of stories in three of the country’s major newspapers that together provide excellent insight into the continuing security challenges that the U.S. and its Afghan partners face.

Bait and Switch in Afghanistan

Americans who might wonder just how and why, nearly nine years after 9/11, we are mired in a seemingly endless counterinsurgency campaign/nation-building mission in Afghanistan, need to grasp that this was a classic case of foreign policy “bait and switch.”

The Destruction of America

America is crumbling. Today's story in the New York Times about the calamitous effects for commuters of shutting down Amtrak and the Long Island Rail Road, which is reliant on claptrap equipment dating to 1913, has to leave a sinking feeling in anyone concerned about the future.