Germany and the Jewish Gene

 It's taken years, but Germany has finally found its anti-immigrant tribune. His name is Thilo Sarrazin. He happens to be a member of the Social Democratic Party and the German Bundesbank. Sarrazin is making waves with his new book Germany Is Abolishing Itself.

David Addington's Return to Power

David Addington is coming out of the shadows. Addington, who served as legal counsel for vice-president Dick Cheney, is joining the Heritage Foundation as vice president of domestic and economic policy studies. He earned a reputation as the most hardline of hardliners--Cheney's Cheney--during his Bush administration tenure.

Who's Supposed to be Winning the Hearts and Minds?

Afghan President Hamid Karzai is unhappy about how the United States is fighting the war in his country--the war intended to shore up his regime.  He has complained with increasing frequency about the deleterious tactical effects of U.S. and NATO military operations and specifically about collateral civilian casualties.

The Price of False Purity

Much discourse about U.S. foreign and security policy, and sometimes the policy itself, reflects a kind of fastidiousness aimed at avoiding any business with people we find distasteful or who have done things we don't like, without paying attention to the second-order effects of such attempts to keep our hands clean, or even to the first-order effects.  The fastidiousness takes varied forms.